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Soldier in Camp Victory, Iraq...

MP Falcon

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Hey guys not too many of you know me. I have been a member since like 2002-2003... I was known as SrPlaymaker28...

Im currently serving a tour in IRAQ right now and luckily this trip we have good rooms and cable tv. We dont get the falcons game but I am watching ESPN NFL COuntdown right now.

I want to wish all falcons faithful a good season...

I know the falcons are gonna kick the dolphins *** and Ryan, Turner, White, and Co. are gonna bring home a championship!

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I, like you don't post that much.

However I AM a longtime Falcon fan (1973).

Welcome MP Falcon, it's good to know you are out there protecting our collective arse. Thanks for all that you and your fellow service members do.

Will you be able to get any Falcon coverage at all, other than the internet? Also, are there any other Falcon fans there with you.

It's good to meet a "new" Falcon friend. Keep in touch here and keep supporting the birds.

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