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Can tennessee keep this game against florida close?


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I think the only thing that keeps this game remotely close is our defense, but eventually our defense wears down in the 2nd half and we lose somewhere around the realm of 35-6

But right now, losing to UF by 25 points or more isn't uncommon for anyone. That boat may well be full when this season ends.

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Wish we still had Coleman...I hope he pulls him, but the VQ writers are saying he is sticking with him at least through the next game pretty much no matter what.

i meant stephens. that ut defense will be able to keep you guys in the game early.. i just wonder how much they wiil have left in the 2nd half.. even with everyone thinking it's going to be a blowout i am still interested in seeing how the game goes.

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he puts your defense in some bad spots. the article on ucla's plan of attack was pretty basic.. stop the run and let JC beat them and it was obvious he couldn't.

I know...that's along the same lines of what I stated in another thread...if our offense would simply get out of our defense's way...don't get me wrong, I believe in what Kiffin is doing and has done, and I've no doubt that we're a building project right now, but we've got talented young players on this team, on both sides of the football. However, Crompton's lack of poise and common sense killed us last season, and it's going to kill us again this season if someone doesn't teach him how to pull his head out of derriere... :wacko: We're not ready to contend for the SEC East yet...but I'm hoping that by season's end, because of the huge # of young guys that will be returning next season, we might just might become a team that will be very dangerous next season... :unsure:

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