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So I'm sitting here and can't wait to watch the game tomorrow. One small problem, how reliable is PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL? That's where I'm planning on watching the game because I'm in the middle of a move and canceled my Directv. I won't have the Sunday Ticket until maybe next week or the week after. PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL was hit or miss through the pre-season but I need to make sure I have a reliable source for the game tomorrow. Any help will be appreciated. I welcome PM's if you don't want to divulge too much directly on the board. Thanks!

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It really doesn't matter if it's been reliable in the past, the NFL is extremely aggresive about finding those sites and shutting them down so it's only a matter of time. Good Luck.

Its always hit or miss. But I usually find a link when I need it. I have to living in Florida usually. The local networks here dont like to show Falcon games for some reason..

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