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Who are our biggest free agents after this season?

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Yeah but two coaching regimes haven't seemed to want, or figured out how to use him much.

We'll see this year.

To me Dahl and Clabo are every down players that set the tone for last years sucess and a higher priority than Norwood. I agree that they have yet to find a way to utilize Norwood as much. How coaches use him this year is the key to resigning. Can't invest as much in a KR. Don't get me wrong, I love Norwood and hope he plays a larger role this year.



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I absolutely agree, we can't afford to give Norwood the tag, we could find another speed back in the draft next year or in free agency. He is a home-run threat but he's not an every down back, Turner is a freak in himself, its very rare to find a back so big and yet so agile with his playmaking ability. Our line is much more precious than Norwood, we can afford to let him go if we need to, but the line is the heart of the offense. I would hate to see him go I love Norwood, but I'd rather have Turner.

isn't next year cap free? if so why couldn't sign em all

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Norwood's great, but in reality 3rd down RB / KR can be found for cheap in the 3rd or 4th round of every single draft.

O-line is all about consistency and chemistry. It's crucial to keep that line together, especially the right side. Also, it sets bad precedent for them to be a huge part of our sucess and then refuse to pay them.

I'd let Norwood go, especially as we'd get a 3rd or 4th round pick as compensation.

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i'd go for the two lineman before norwood. sorry but starting, probowl caliber lineman >>>> norwood and i like norwood.

redman might be brought back, might not. finn is gone.


We waited long enough to get a decent Oline that could prop up our QBs. And it's finally happening. Norwood is awesome, but if we're making a run for all the marbles in the next few yrs., I agree w/boss.

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Well if we have an uncapped year I dont beleive that Norwood/Dahl/Koenon can become Free agents since they have less then 6 years of experience. Wouldnt they be in the same boat as Roddy White would of been inbefore he signed his contract.

That is correct. In 2010, if no CBA is reached then everyone with under 6 years in the league would become a RFA. That means we would be able to place compensation(draft pick) on each of the players and another team would have to forfiet that rounds draft pick in the 2010 draft if they decide to sign them. Also if another team wants to sign them, we have the right to match whatever offer is given to retain all rights to that player. If we decide not to match the offer, that is when we would recieve the draft pick compensation.

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