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Who are our biggest free agents after this season?


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So after this season it appears that our two O-Line studs will BOTH be free agents, Dahl and Clabo. Norwood as well be a free agent. Our there any other notable guys on our team that will hit the market?

And what do you think our chances are of getting those three guys signed long term? I do not want to lose any of the three..they are very important players for us.

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I think our linemen are a product of excellent coaching. They can be replaced. Norwood is a freak that doesn't come around too often.

yea but norwood would love to be that X factor for our offense for years to come and he doesnt go anywhere, Clabo gets a 4 year deal something like that, we use the Tag on Dahl is my prediction, Dahl and Clabo Go to the pro bowl this year and Blalock will be on the rise this season

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We can't afford to give norwood the tag. Do you know how insane it would be to sink that much money into a guy who will see at most 150 touches a year?

I absolutely agree, we can't afford to give Norwood the tag, we could find another speed back in the draft next year or in free agency. He is a home-run threat but he's not an every down back, Turner is a freak in himself, its very rare to find a back so big and yet so agile with his playmaking ability. Our line is much more precious than Norwood, we can afford to let him go if we need to, but the line is the heart of the offense. I would hate to see him go I love Norwood, but I'd rather have Turner.

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Good O-linemen are incrediblily hard to find

a good Scat back you can find in every round of the draft and in free agency. don't get me wrong i love norwood but i don't view him as a priority

Quoted for truth

I would hold off judgement until mid way through the season (just to make sure what we saw in pre-season and last season will continue) but as long as the running lanes continue to hold up and Matt keeps his jersey clean (the Baltimore sack was Matt holding on to the ball too long) then we must tie our money into the line. Get Clabo and Dahl re-signed to $4m/year type deals and also open negotiations with Blalock.

However this pre-supposes that:

a) Norwood won't agree a Falcon-friendly contract (below his open market value) to stay

If he is willing to forego some cash to play for a contender then a deal can be done

B) The uncapped year (and the fact that Norwood would therefore be a RFA) does not come into play

If there is an uncapped year it is really easy - stick the 1st and 3rd tender on him and if anyone pays that then we come out ahead.

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