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Falcon's were the first to use the wildcat

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If you really think about it we were the first team to use the wildcat. I mean with Vick at QB we were always a run first team. The first year and a half teams didnt know what to do with us, but then figured out how to beat us. Same thing applies to the Dolphins. If they try to run that wildcat junk on us we should be able to stuff it.

Actually, if you think about it Vick was probably the best person in the world to run the wildcat. He was able to complete a pass. Well, about 55% of the time. Have the Dolphins even thrown more than once or twice out of the wildcat?

Anyway, I've just read a couple of threads on the Dolphins boards where they were saying how they were going to run all over us in the wildcat. I really hope they try that weak crap this year.

Looking forward to lots of three and outs....

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Please this has been beaten to death already this offseason.

The wildcat is nothing but a new name for the single wing which has been around since the actual Pop Warner days.

It is not new and the Falcons were not the first to use it


And if that's the route the OP wants to go with this, then Pittsburgh started using it with Kordell "slash" Stewart in 1997.

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I wasnt being literal. Of course we were not the first to use it. No serious NFL coach would let his high priced QB run any type of option offense. All I'm saying is that we should be ready to handle any "wildcat" formations we come against.

I just think it's funny that people in Miami think that offense (wildcat) is going to amount to much this year.

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