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A lot of people on ESPN have us winning the division .

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Chemistry seemed to be near perfect last year, results beyond expectations of most- No super showmanship nor inflated egos- just 11 guys on the field doing their best for each other and the fans, excellent coaching, supportive front office, and a very loud 12th man in the stands. Falcons brought dignity and pride back to the dome last year.

From underdog to favorite people have huge expectations our Falcons this year. It’s important to remember that if we have a winning season, this class of 09 will make history. Anything else is gravy as we are still in a rebuilding era.

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im kind of surprised. everytime i switch on the tube, i hear people picking the aints to win the division. o well. picking us is the smart choice B)

I agree. I think a like of the so called sports experts who were so high on the Falcons for this season, are starting to panic. They saw a little of the Falcons defense in preseason and are now fleeing. But that is okay, I love when we prove the doubters wrong!

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