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No truth to rumor - Cox will start


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No truth to rumor - Cox will start


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Athens - Joe Cox is still scheduled to start at quarterback for Georgia against South Carolina on Saturday.

"Joe is the starter," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said in a text message to the AJC. UGA spokesman Claude Felton said in an e-mail," Joe will be the starter Saturday."

There was an Internet report this morning that Logan Gray could start.

Alright! Who's starting these rumors? DawgVent? :D

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I think SacFalcFan is the one spreading rumors about Cox's shoulder. :P

Bradley's post in the AJC:

Logan Gray to start for UGA? Not so fast, my friend

1:44 pm September 10, 2009, by Mark Bradley

Apparently the shoulder isn't so bad after all. (Bill Waugh for the AJC)

According to Claude Felton, Georgia’s Hall of Fame publicist, Internet reports that Logan Gray will start at quarterback against South Carolina are untrue. In an e-mail, Felton writes: “Joe is starting.”

Then, being a Hall of Famer and therefore an exponent of utter clarity, Felton added this: “Cox, not Tereshinski.”

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that the Gray-to-start rumors have been all over the ‘Net and Twitter all morning. The basis: A post on a Georgia fan site (that spiraled with the usual viral Internet effect) suggesting Gray had been taking more snaps in practice this week and that Cox had a bum shoulder. Which would, if true, make him one unlucky Joe.

He waits three years to become Georgia’s No. 1 quarterback and then, in the span of a week, gets the flu but plays anyway and loses in Stillwater. And now he’s No. 1 no longer?

According to Felton, Cox is still No. 1. And now you’re up to date.

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UGASports sources maintain that quarterback Logan Gray practiced entirely with the first team Wednesday, but according to Georgia officials, Joe Cox will start Saturday's game against South Carolina.

Earlier today, UGASports reported that three sources close to the team (speaking on condition of anonymity) confirmed that Gray in fact took all the snaps with the No. 1 unit Wednesday against the scout team defense simulating South Carolina and appeared he could be called on to start Saturday's game against South Carolina.

However, Georgia officials say that Cox will open the game.

"Joe will be the starter Saturday," associate athletic director Claude Felton said in an email Thursday afternoon.

UGASports never guaranteed or said that Gray would definitely start against the Gamecocks, just reporting what its sources claimed, sources the site stands steadfast by.

Those same sources also say this was due to issues with Cox's shoulder, and that's why Gray was reportedly getting the nod. The alleged change had nothing to do with Cox's performance against Oklahoma State when he completed 15 of 30 passes for 162 yards and one touchdown, but turned the football over twice, once on a fumble and once on an interception.

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