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How many times will Miami run their cute wildcat if . . .


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Actually, the Falcons did this about 5 years ago, lined up Mr Vick at WR. We did it 1 play, and 1 play only. Vick

was L E V E L E D. 5 yard "chuck" rule, clean, simple, and bone crushing.... We ended our cute little direct-snap

thing right there.

Oh I remember that play.

I think they actually have to throw the ball in Pennington's direction or it's a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty if we pop him..... so we would need to make sure we knocked him out of the game completely if we do it.

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So, they line up Chad boy at WR, and we put a safety on him. Snap goes the ball, and *CRUNCH* goes Chad. Leveled. Clean. Simple.

Do that about 3 times. That will be the END of that cute wildcat thing. I'll get named "suicidecat".

If he's smart, and he probably is, Pennington would just run out of bounds once the ball is snapped and the safety crept up on him.

Wildcat continues

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