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2009 MBGT Weekend Schedule


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Early Evening: Beer Tour with Shiney and the gang. (See pinned thread)

Those not going on the tour can hang at the hotel, go shopping, to a movie, etc. There are lots of things to do all within a short walk from the hotel.


Morning: Six Flags opens at 10 am. Gates close at 8:00 pm. (see pinned thread for more info on the park and tickets)

Noon: begin phase two of Shiney's Beer Tour. (see pinned thread)

Afternoon: Our group has use of the breakfast room to watch college football, drink, visit, etc.

6:00 pm: Order in pizza, chineese food, burgers, etc for a "gathering" at the hotel, mainly in the breakfast room. Everyone is invited to stop by and say hello and enjoy the festivities.


10:30 am: begin gathering at Falcons Landing (atop the parking garage) on the end nearest the Dome. We will have prizes to give away. I will ask everyone to write their message board ID on a slip of paper, we'll throw it in a hat and draw winners for prizes beginning at 11:00 am. Must be present to win!!

12:30 or so: Head into the Dome to kick off our 2009 Falcons seasoon!

Evening: again we have use of the breakfast room should those staying over wish to gather and watch football, eat, drink, etc.

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I am here now, actually have been for a little while now. My key card won't work on the door to the pool darnit! I think they are cleaning the area though. I wasn't going to jump in, just look around. Very nice place. I'm in 215 if anyone gets here and wants a beer. If I don't answer, I've gone out to get something to eat or something.

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Found out my key card did work on the pool door. You have to lift up on the handle instead of push down. It's very warm inside there. Pool and sauna with a deck outside viewing a creek. Just chilling and watching football. This place is awesome. Pool is very tempting........so tempting........somebody stop me :lol:

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Hit the Taco Mac Perimeter yesterday. Came back here and was still reeling from the all-night drive. Watched the first half of the game, had a couple beers, and went to bed around 10. Just got breakfast, did some ironing, got my suit on and am ready to roll. Should be back to the Fairfield by 1pm and then the gloves are off.

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