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Thomas DeCloud


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Thomas DeCloud is our FS for the moment. While several of us has touched on this subject, I want a consensus. Will he hold the FS job over a 16 game season?

I thought he was a ball hawking saefty but he showed less than ZERO in the Preseason.

I believe him to be SOFT against the run. (Why else would Smitty move Coleman?)

For my part, I say NO! And I see two options.

Antoine Harris as a stsrter by default! (Oh God, Please no!)

Or Move Coleman back to FS while accommodating MARCUS POLLARD!

I am begging for this guy TD! We need him. After KC, he might even work for food!

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the guy barely played spec teams as a rookie...it isnt reasonable to think he will light up the world in his 2nd season, that rarely happens

he has a ton more experience than Moore at this point though, so if an unseating happens(and Moore is healthy), I would be surprised if it happened before week 6 or 7.

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