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looks like they have the 53 they want.

millenium falcon

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it does'nt look like they will make a run at a safety like bernard pollard. i guess they are happy with antoine harris for his ST's. i like our 53 man roster, and consider it very strong heading into the regular season. the only spot i saw was the upgrade we could have made with pollard over harris. barring any changes late this evening, we are set. last chance though, when we begin practice tomorrow, we have to get our team ready for sunday.

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Its is like that great idea that you took into the Lab,

only to find out that some elements were not working to well as a whole.

So you throw in some buffering compounds to stabilize the project.

Any more will neutralize the project .

We have to wait and see if these buffers allow time for the project to grow

or fail.

It is what it is, but one thing remains a truth.

"You will never know unless you go". Sheck Exley

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I still want Pollard on this team for matchups. Especially if we are serious about Williams at CB. Pollard at SS makes up for the lack of true Strogside LB!

Pollard is a poor man's Milloy....

something we got rid of.

slow old and can get a few tackles.

doesnt ball hawk tho

why would we drop Milloy to get someone just like him.

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