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Hamilton working on bringing Luc to UGA


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Jakar Hamilton picked Georgia over Alabama over the summer and he is happy to be a Bulldog. He loves UGA so much that is trying to get more guys to join him between the hedges. Find out who he is recruiting and more here.

“I am still so excited to be a Bulldog,” said Jakar Hamilton. “I am still 100 percent committed to Georgia and I can’t wait to get there in January. I am graduating in December and I am excited about getting over to Athens.”

He is so excited that he is trying to get other top recruits to join him. He has connected with some current and future Dawgs so he is telling others why he chose UGA.

“I am really working on Jeff Luc. I have been in contact with him and Deon Rogers (Luc’s teammate and Georgia commitment) and I would really like to get Jeff to Georgia. I am going up to Georgia when they play LSU and I hope Jeff comes that day too. We are talking about it.”

“I want him to be part of the Georgia family. I am talking to Alec Ogletree all the time, I have connected with Aaron Murray, A.J. Green, and some other players on the team too. I just want to get the best players up at Georgia so we can win some championships.”

Hamilton saw a little bit of the Georgia-Oklahoma State game Saturday and he thought his future school should have won the game.

“I still think we are the better team,” said the 6-foot-2, 195 pound hard-hitting Junior College safety. “I know we will pick it up and win again, but I think the refs made a few bad calls and it really hurt us. We will get it back together though.”

Hamilton feels the same about his team at Georgia Military. They had a big win in week one over a top 10 program and then fell hard this past weekend.

“We got a big win over Ellsworth Community College and then we lost to Navarro College. We just didn’t play well and we are still a very young team this year. I think we will do better the rest of the year though.”

Young guys around Hamilton at free safety will have to step up their game because teams are not attacking the Georgia commitment. He has earned their respect so they are staying away from him.

Hamilton is not wavering.

‘Nobody is really throwing my way and they are running to the other side too. I have not really had any big hits yet, but I did get an interception and returned it 65 yards for a touchdown in the first game. I have about 15 tackles in the first two games and I feel I have really been covering my guys well.”

Once he finishes his business in Milledgeville, the freshman All-American will take his game to Athens. He will go from playing for Bert Williams to Mark Richt. He will go from playing against JUCO teams to the best in the land in the SEC.

Hamilton can’t even describe how excited he is about his future.

“It seems like it is taking so long to get here, but I know it will come. I just think about playing for Georgia every day and being a part of a family and a program like that. It is hard for words to describe how I feel about Georgia – I just love the players, coaches, and the school.”


you think this will help at all or doesnt matter?

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I hope Richt can keep getting recruits through a rough season this year which I'm not exactly sure he can do. Nowadays you must win games or players will run elsewhere with a quickness.

Im kinda hoping top recruits see it as a chance to start right away because the people that are here now are trash.. Im kinda looking at this situation half full though so i dont think most of them see it like that

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