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Coach Speak: Smith Preps for Wildcat


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The wildcat was effective for about half of last season, but teams prepare for it now. Everyone runs it.

What's up with putting Brian Billick and Coach in the same sentence?????!!!!!?????

Awesome...love it.

Yeah, I can't stand him.

Also agree that the wildcat shouldn't catch anyone off guard....let's hope for their sake they practice it way more than they should, because in my opinion as with any offense it'll work, but needs to be ran very efficiently.

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I'm happy that they are preparing a bit extra for the Wildcat. But I also hope that this doesn't take away from anything else that they have to watch for and what not. Go get 'em Smitty!

i agree... they generally only run it a few times a game.. im sure that we are wasting tooooo much time preparing for just that..

i dont like wildcat talk... i get flashbacks to that carolina game a few years back... i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown during that game.

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