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We found our kick returner!His music already plays in the dome..BRING HIM HOMET TD!


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Posted 9/3/09 11:56 am ET by Kyle Anderson in Music

The start of the NFL season is just around the corner (MTV News just had its fantasy football draft last night), but there are still a handful of people not named Brett Favre who want to get in on this season's action. Take Will.I.Am, the Black Eyed Peas leader who wrote a blog post and created a video appealing to Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to grant him a tryout with the team. In the post, Will talks about looking up to his uncle Lynn Cain, who played pro ball for the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams in the '80s. "You might ask, 'Why the Miami Dolphins? You're from L.A.," Will wrote on his blog. He explains that L.A. doesn't have a team and that he's been a dolphin all his life. "When I was in the tenth grade, I played football for the Palisades Dolphins," he said. "I was a tailback. My name was Willy Zoom, because I'm fast. Ask Reggie Bush."

In the blog, Will also claims to have beaten former NFL running back Jamal Anderson in a foot race and said he would like to go stride-for-stride with Olympic champion Usain Bolt. He insists that his desire to play football is genuine, and at the end of the video he makes a direct plea to the Dolphins owner for an opportunity. "So Mr. Ross, I'm just asking you: Let me try out. Punt returner. I ain't playing. This ain't no joke. What's the worse that's gonna happen? I don't make the team, or I smoke your defense?" Even if he doesn't get a tryout, he'll still get to be a part of the NFL, as the Black Eyed Peas are performing prior to the season's first official game next Thursday, September 10.

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