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September 7 5:18 ET

Falcons coach Mike Smith said he's been pleased at how Stephen Nicholas performed through camp this preseason. "He's earned the right to be the starting Sam linebacker," Smith said.

September 7 5:07 ET

Falcons coach Mike Smith on the different situations CBs Brian Williams and Tye Hill have when it comes to getting on the field: "(With Williams) it's the same verbage and scheme he's used to hearing...Tye is swimming uphill for a while."

September 7 5:07 ET

Falcons coach Mike Smith said WR Eric Weems is "probably going to be our punt returner going into the opening game."

September 7 5:06 ET

Falcons coach Mike Smith said he likes the fact CB Brian Williams played CB, S and nickel back in Jacksonville. "(Williams) has all the thing we're looking for in being a cross-trained player."

September 7 5:05 ET

Falcons CB Brian Williams on how he sees his role in Atlanta: "Right now I'm here to embrace whatever role I have here and to help this team win."


Looks like Williams could see ALOT of action! Nicholas not too sure about but lets play for real and get a real chance to see him play. Eric Weems just a good story and a chance too prove himself if not he will be sent packing. IM SO READY LETS GO FALCONS

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