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Which Falcons have a shot at league MVP this year?


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abes gonna need to put up 30 sacks for mvp consideration

ryans got a chance, altho i doubt it. aaron rogers has a much better chance imo, a much pass happy offense

turners got a shot. hes probably the favorite on the team, he can realistically put up 2000 yards 20 tds.

**** maybe even gonzalez? depending on hwo he will be used, i gotta say if he gets like 1200 yards, 12 tds, this HOFer might get enough votes...

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I'm not sure if Abe can do much more than he did last year and he didn't even make the Pro-Bowl. Turner was the closest last year and I expect Ryan to put up MVP numbers this year.

Roddy White a long shot?

A defensive end winning the MVP in this day of time. Uh no. But this is pretty obvious

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