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Only a few more days till we get to see THE MOST HANDSOME QB IN THE NFL!


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Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons is playing in only his second NFL season but he's already the league's top quarterback in at least one category: handsomeness.

Icon Sports Media/Icon SMI/Corbis

Matt Ryan

According to researchers, his face is almost perfectly symmetrical—a trait that shows a strong correlation to a person's perceived attractiveness. While the average person's face is somewhere around 90% symmetrical, Mr. Ryan scored a 99.8%, which puts him in elite territory. Ursinus College professor Jennifer VanGilder and former student Lisle O'Neill, who conducted the study in conjunction with Southern Utah University economist David Berri, said Mr. Ryan isn't the only NFL signal-caller with a nicely balanced face. In fact, every starter in the league scored above 96%.

Facial symmetry isn't the only measure of attractiveness, of course. New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez became a heartthrob overnight when he posed shirtless for GQ, yet he only ranks no. 20 among NFL starters in facial symmetry. (He did score 98.4%, which is still darn good). Tony Romo, a favorite of pop starlets, ranked No. 23.

Scientific research overwhelmingly points to facial symmetry as an indicator of success. Studies show infants with more symmetrical faces are given more attention. Symmetrical workers also tend to earn more. Football is supposed to be egalitarian, of course. The players with the strongest and most accurate throwing arms should become the quarterbacks while the biggest, most powerful players should be linemen. Somewhere along the way, it seems, good-looking kids are steered toward the glamour position. "Socially, we've been trained to think that the quarterback is the most beautiful person on the team," says Prof. VanGilder.

—Reed Albergotti

Player, Team Symmetry Rating

Matt Ryan, ATL 99.82%

Brett Favre, MIN 99.78%

Aaron Rodgers, GB 99.59%

Matt Hasselbeck, SEA 99.56%

Kerry Collins, TEN 99.49%

Ben Roethlisberger, PIT 99.43%

Shaun Hill, SF 99.35%

Tom Brady, NE 99.14%

Philip Rivers, SD 99.04%

Kurt Warner, ARZ 98.98%

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