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Is Nostra Thomas Dimitroff a spy?


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See what people don't understand is the Falcons agreed to help the Patriots do this. Bill was getting sloppy on his own. So he went to the grand dark master MR Kraft O.o Who then got in touch with the 1 person who could be as powerful as him 1 day MR.Blank. Who else but the mafia man look-a-like to help him with his evil plots.

So they agreed on terms and Blank was doing it by himself at 1st it all started with Abraham taking their prize possession from the Jets. But he wasn't getting it done fast enough so he sent down TD to help blank out. Then came Gonzo from the Chiefs amazing both teams most elite player gone from KC and the Jets.

This reign is still in full swing and Kraft+BB are far from done.

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this might be the most factual article ESPN ever wrote. :lol:

it was a very amusing read.

does he have beef w ATL, w TD coming here?

No, if anything we are in cahoots with the pats. AFC and NFC divisions of the evil empire.

We just need them to send a coach to the eagles and have them trade us some stars for 5th and 6th round draft picks.

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