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Potential PS players?


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With Bergeron apparently heading up list who else would you want that has been CUT from Falcons or other team? and is Thomas Brown eligible for PS?? and what about Shockley is he eligible? just some questions i had.. now here is who i would want to see

On PS so far.

Troy Bergeron WR

Want to see on if eligible:

Thomas BrownRB

Vance Walker DL

William Middleton DB

(from Lions) Rufus Alexander LB

(from Jax) Tiquan Underwood WR(probally going to Jax PS but i like him)

(From Chic) Marcus Freeman LB

(from lions) Dan Gronokowski TE(he went to H.s. that is like 1minute walk from my house...would like to see him catch on somwhere)

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