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Calling All falcon fans

Shaggy 2.0

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Well its opening week and the season has offically started. All the trolls have come to check out our site, so A game posting is a must and dont feed the trolls once this week starts. Remember the 24 hour rule. Preseason is over the season starts now! So Miami welcome to our site... mingle a little, have a chat with a few. oh and how do you like your steak? hahaha Miami i love ya, but you're going down. GO FALCONS! :P :lol::D


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As I believe Smitty and the boys will get the Falcons ready to play next sunday, It is we (the home crowd) that needs to get ready! We need to be at the game BEFORE kickoff ready TO MAKE SOME NOISE!

So feed your face way before the game so ya wont be obstructed or detured from what ever it takes to get out of your seat, clap your hands or stomp your feet, whistle, scream, yell or even shake a bottle with coins in it. JUST MAKE SOME NOISE!

BUMP for a HOME CROWD that knows what "Dome Field Advantage" means!


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