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Two suprising Cuts - Two suprising keepers


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Spencer Adkins over Jamie Winborn:

I really thought Jamie Winborn looked excellent in all the Falcons preseason games - plus he is "battle-tested" in the NFL with starting experience for a few NFL teams - Broncos/Niners. Adkins has loads of potential but I thought we could have cut him and sneaked him onto the practice squad. Perhaps Dimitroff was afraid some team like the Steelers had an eye on him and forced his hand to keep Adkins on the 53 man roster

Verron Haynes over Thomas Brown:

I really thought that Jason Snelling was "good enough" as a back-up FB so that the Falcons would keep Thomas Brown as a #4 TB and KR/PR.......Verron Haynes did not even get in the action that much in pre-season. This one is a real shocker to me. Haynes must be a really good special teamer as well.

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Well we aren't in camp w/them, but I agree g-dawg: Haynes was invisible to me in preseason except for when announcers were calling him out for mistakes. I'm really surprised they didn't keep Thomas Brown. Hopefully he will end up on the PS and not on some other team's.

yes, and I am "dawg-neutral" on this match-up since both Haynes and Brown are UGA Alums :P

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Haynes is a Complete Back without INJ Concerns, Was TB a 100%?

Also, If any of them make it through they can go PS!

OC probably has some packages for Verron, Snelling, and Burner

Two biggest surprises for Me,

Was Middleton and Hartsock-biggest

Adkins over Winborn probably involved ST,

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