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Weve played Steve Smith last year twice, I'm not worried about stopping him because we proved last year if the Panthers cant run the ball they will not win. Smith had a huge day but it didnt result in a win because we shut Moose and the running game down.

We dont have to worry about Colston. We have to worry about all of the Saints WR's. If they are open Drew will hit them. The key to beatting the saints is pressure.

THe Eagles game. Speed Kills, and the Eagles have lots of speed, BUT Time of Possesion takes care of speed. Speed only works when the O is clicking. If they are not on the field enough their speed cant work.

I'm not worried about Roy Williams. I'm worried about Jason Witten, Roy will make plays this year because teams have to stop Witten. We have LB's to cover Witten because our LB's are fast and Witten isnt that fast. Our LB that can handle TE's. STEPHEN NICHOLAS. But first and foremost we have to stop the run.

So theres only 1 team we really have to worry about throwing it around a lot and thats the Eagles. If we stop the run against the other teams we have an advantage with Abe, Peria, Hroy, and Sid. And is it just me or does Kroy Biermann look like a future P Kerney for this team?

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...there is only two teams we face this year( outside our division) that have star WR.
They have to cover TEs too. Plus there are plenty WRs that aren't "stars" that can do serious damage:


Terrell Owens, Steve Smith (twice), Randy Moss, Santana Moss, Antonio Bryant (twice), Chris Cooley, Wes Welker, Kellen Winslow Jr. (twice), Lee Evans, Jason Whitten, Lance Moore (twice), Mushin Muhammad (twice), DeSean Jackson, Joey Galloway, Jericcho Cotchery, Devery Henderson (twice), Ted Ginn Jr, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and Hakeem Nicks

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I'd say our secondary will be tested week in and week out until they truly start to prove themselves as a whole. I'd prefer our offense control the game every week with long sustained drives to keep the defense off the field and always rested.

Agreed. TOP is one of the ways they can make up for a soft defensive unit. Other team can't score if they don't have the ball. That said, they're going to have to improve on creating turnovers if they want to increase TOP.

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