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I still think the curse shall be lifted


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I know, the sky is falling. Every team is completing all of their passes on us and our LCB doesn't cover anybody until after they catch the ball (sometimes not even then). But all is not lost. Yes, we have holes/weaknesses. Houston is a hole. Insert "an" in the middle and it's still a fact. But that doesn't matter. Preseason is the time where coaches put players in different situations to guage how they respond. Now comes the regular season.

The regular season is the time where coaches put players in situations that play to their strengths while hiding their weaknesses. We have great coaches. Coaches that get the most out of their players. Our coaches are great at taking away other teams strengths while exploiting their weaknesses. Our coaches are great at playing to our own strengths while hiding our weaknesses.

We had holes on defense last season. We couldn't stop the run to save our lives. We gave up 4.9 ypc, 28th in the entire NFL. Worse than the Raiders! Better than only the Chiefs, Broncos, and Lions. We STILL ended up 11-5.

I still say our coaches find a way to beat the teams on our schedule.

Mia - Win - They had the 25th ranked pass d last season. I think we exploit it.

Car - Win - Injuries have plagued their defense. Big K is out for the season, I think we run all over them, especially at home.

@NE - Loss - Too many mismatches in their passing game to overcome, especially in Foxborough with a hostile crowd.

@SF - Win - They will be tough under Singletary. But I have no confidence in Hill, or their secondary.

Chi - Win - Cutler has looked good, much better than Orton did. But they don't have the offensive weopons outside of Forte and Cutler tries to go to the wides way more than his backs. Away I would've given it to them.

@Dal - Win - No secondary. We overmatch their defense.

@NO - Loss - We seem to always split with NO. Their passing game is too good for this secondary. A disappointing loss that gives our guys a kick in the ***.

Was - Win - Their strength is defense, not offense. They don't have the tools to exploit us. We can exploit that d. And with DHall coming into OUR HOUSE, we put the smackdown.

@Car - Loss - We seem to always split with Car.

@NYG - Loss - Just have a bad feeling about this one. Without Plax I think we can win this. It's just their defense is very opportunistic.

TB - Win - Big ol Lefty takes too long to wind-up in order to exploit us. The soldier gets smacked in the mouth. Talib gets in another fight the night before the game.

Phi - Win - They lost a lot on d. Not only players either, huge loss with their coordinator. Always had a lot of respect for Johnson, had great defenses over the years.

NO - Win - No defense, I gave them the first game but not at home.

@NYJ - Win - What's the over/under on games won with a rookie QB? Sanchez has looked good, but lightening struck twice last season. The NFL will be brought back down to Earth regarding rookie QB's, especially one with such limited college experience.

Buf - Win - Not impressed with Trent. Not impressed with their offense at all. Didn't they just fire a coordinator too?

@TB - Win - Sorry Bucs fans, you guys are not looking well equipped. No more Monte Kiffin, and your QB thinks he's playing MLB.

12-4 with a Division Title!

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