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my next cuts


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I would cut this 11 ( t berg, t brown, m butter, r ferg., v harris, r james, m lucas, j. rader, dj shock, a kelly, a. harris) and i would look for 1 r back, 1 o.t., 1 corner, and 1 safty off the wavier wire. what do you guys see?

Bergeron: The boy gots some Game, Chicago claims him.

Brown: Scrappy little feller, butits the PS or the Street. Possibly KC

Butterworth. No Comment.

Ferggy: Gone. We vested time in the guy so he gets picked up.

Rader: Cut doubtful anybody else signs him

DJ: Cut and Done.

Carner and Safety? Not off the wires. We have to go to the Dead Pool.

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