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NOT GA but FA! (sorry)

These guys are still able to be signed-

This is the most up to date list I could find, there ar e few names on this list that I know but not all.

Anyone think any of these gys would be worth looking at?

Barrett, David CB Released 5-10 195 9th Season NYJ

Battle, Tra DB Released 5-11 173 2nd Season DAL

Boulware, Michael DB UFA 6-3 220 5th Season MIN

Brown , Marcus CB Released 6-2 200 2nd Season CIN

Brown, Fakhir CB UFA 5-11 195 9th Season STL

Castille, Simeon CB Released 6-0 195 2nd Season CIN

Cousin, Terry DB Released 5-9 185 12th Season CLE

Craft, Jason CB UFA 5-10 187 10th Season STL

Dizer, DeMichael DB Released 5-11 183 2nd Season SEA

Doss, Michael DB Released 5-10 207 6th Season CIN

Fisher, Travis CB Released 5-10 189 7th Season DET

Glenn, Aaron DB UFA 5-9 183 15th Season NO

Gordon, Cletis CB RFA 6-1 197 3rd Season SD

Hill, Reynaldo CB UFA 5-11 185 4th Season TEN

Holly, Daven DB UFA 5-10 185 4th Season CLE

Holt, Terrence DB UFA 6-2 204 6th Season NO

Jackson, Dexter DB Released 6-0 210 11th Season CIN

James, William DB Released 6-0 200 8th Season JAC

Jones, Adam CB Released 5-10 186 3rd Season DAL

Kelly, Brian CB Released 5-11 193 11th Season DET

Knight, Sammy DB Released 6-1 215 12th Season NYG

Law, Ty CB UFA 5-11 200 14th Season NYJ

Lehan, Michael CB UFA 6-0 200 6th Season NO

Manning, Ricky CB UFA 5-9 193 6th Season STL

Mason, Grant DB Released 6-0 198 2nd Season SD

McAlister, Christopher CB Released 6-1 210 10th Season BAL

McQuarters, R.W. CB UFA 5-10 194 11th Season NYG

Surtain, Patrick CB Released 5-11 195 11th Season KC

Torrence, Leigh DB RFA 5-11 182 3rd Season NO

Tribble, DeJuan CB Released 5-9 190 2nd Season SD

Williams, Jimmy DB Released 6-3 212 2nd Season SF

Williams, Jimmy DB UFA 5-11 190 5th Season HOU

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