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On a Positive Note


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With all the "sky is falling" and "4-12 is staring us in the face" going on, I just wanted to toss out some positives I have taken away from the preaseason about our D.

1) Curtis Lofton is a tackling machine. This guy should wrack up 120+ tckls this season and I think he could reach the probowl. He'll lead our defense for the next decade the way Ryan will run our O for the next decade.

2) Peria Jerry & Lawrence Sidbury - Jerry looks like he could be the real deal. He's been getting penetration and getting into the opposition's backfield. He could be a force on our line for years. Sidbury, may be the heir apparent to John Abraham, but don't be surprised if he spends alot of time playing across from Abe this year. He could develop into a 10+ sack a year player. These two will develop together and continue to give us as solid line for years to come.

3)The D-Line looks great all around. We all know about Abe, but Bierman has been on fire so far this preseason. And the DT rotation with Lewis, Jerry, and Babineaux has been solid.

4) We actually have shut the run down this preseason. This is atleast a promising sign considering the problems we've had with that in recent years.

Just a few thoughts. Trying to keep things positive.

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