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Why our defense is headed in the right direction

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Main point: A great pass rush can make ordinary Db's look a lot better. I really believe the front office is using this philosopy to build our defense. This is not to say any Joe can come in and win a starting job, but the need to have "shutdown corners" goes away. Think about it what is the one thing that causes NFL QB problems...pass rush. They all make mistakes under pressure, even Brady. Put that together with stopping the run and you have the necessary tools to win. Don't expect super athletic DB's coming to Atlanta. There's enough experience in our front office to recognize that games are won at the line of scrimmage. Once these young guys on defense start to gel they're going to be the best in the NFL. We are going to have a hellish pass rush, it just takes time.

There have been many teams with great corner backs but the defense never amounted to anything...think about it.

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I never expected the D to go 100. The only one's I was looking to give their all are the rooks and other camp bodies trying to make the team. But I did expect Houston and Anderson to go hard, simply b/c they both have something to prove to the staff. Those 2 along with Grimes and are really the main ones fighting to keep their starting spot. Everything else is basically a lock, except who starts besides Babs

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