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come on guys


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Alright here goes some much needed sanity to this board. Listen fellow fans we are fine, let me say that again we are fine. First off our secondary got schooled last week by a team with the set of tallest wide receivers in the league. This week we give up one drive that we should not have and everybody has declared doom. One drive that is all. Listen our offense is going to be top five in league easily so we are fine their. One question about our defense is, what in the world did everybody expect? Did everybody honestly think that we would somehow go out and absolutely give up nothing and go 4-0 in preseason. Come on falcons fans our defense is better than last years D honestly who did we lose. We lost Keith Brooking who just does not have it anymore and Lawdog that does not either. We lost Grady Jackson who just stood in the middle and Micheal Boley who was pretty much not the starter by seasons end anyway. The one we could have used is foxworth and one player like that does not kill our defense. We went 11-5 last year with a less talented team. We beat Playoff teams like vikings and chargers as well as carolina. We also went right down to the wire with the NFC Champions and one of those players we lost very well could have been the reason we lost that game (Brooking). Our offense is better than last year and our defense is too so how our we not better as a team. This year our defense will be better. I am not saying top 5 defense but it will be better nonetheless. How many teams that have won the super bowl have had top notch defenses and offenses together. Indianapolis all offense, pittsburgh all defense, 98 our super bowl year we lost to denver who was all offense. My point being is our offense will score alot of points and our defense will not be great but will be good enough to stop teams we will give up points but not near as many as we score. So stop panicking people and it is preseason and yes that does mean something. Motivation is a big key to football, preseason is almost like scrimmages with score kept that is it we have not seen fully what our team can do and that is purposeful by our coaches. September 13 1:00 P.M. when the team takes the field against the dolphins then we will see what this team can do. Never forget this Falcons fans last year we were projected 1-15. When we took the field against the lions something changed in our team at that point, suddenly it became real and we know the rest from their. Remember this is not 2007 anymore a new age has dawned in Atlanta our time is now, do not sell us short because of some preseason games. Sorry guys just had alot to say hope it makes sense to everybody lol.

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Whats truely sad is that you have people calling for the DC's head because of a couple of preseason games. People seem to forget that we are not blessed with any defensive stars out there and we are playing quite alot of young personell this year. I guess these are the same people that wanted Reeves gone after he had to coach most of the 03 season with a new QB. Look what that got us. Trust me folks, if BVG is not calling the right schemes then Coach Smith is gonna let him hear about it. Smith is a defense guy first so please understand that he is gonna have his fingerprints all over this defense. What on earth would getting rid of or demoting BVG right now accomplish except negativity and division on the entire staff?

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I agree with the original poster here. There is wayyyy too much panic on the boards right now. What everyone needs to key on is the following:

1) The defense has been pretty much vanilla all season long with people rotating in and out for evaluation. Also, some generic blitzes/stunts have been thrown in during passing situations.

2) The defense is young, but you can definitely see much more athleticism on the field.

3) The defense should be measured week by week. Every week we should see improvement. If we don't see improvement each week, then folks should start worrying.

4) It's freaking pre-season.

5) All the linebackers look good, was real worried here during the off season. Coleman is the man, has transitioned well to SS, the D-line will surprise a lot of folks, Bierman looks better and better each game. That leaves FS and the CB's that are at issue. Moore, Owens, and the new guy from the Rams may be pressed into duty early, but at least this regime has a plan B. That should at least be somewhat re-assuring.

6) At least we aren't the Buc's.

7) The best defense is a ball control offense. Good thing the line and Turner look awesome. I think the addition of Gonzo has made a huge difference here. Turner is averaging over 7 ypc.

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