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Falcons Observations


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I do like the Falcons addition of CB Tye Hill. A nice prospect if he can stay healthy. Loved him at Clemson

Thomas Brown with a nice gain on a delay. Decent hole, good decisions in the open field. Just didn't look very fast even against backups

JPWilson is a future clipboard stalwart in the NFL for years to come with Brad Johnson/Jon Kitna potential in 3-5 years.

Moves well in the pocket, just takes too many risks across the field. Good anticipation on deep ball, but tries to make blue chip QB plays.

And JPWilson just can't make those throws like blue chippers

Brian Finneran fighting for a job. Once known as glue-fingered, then got the dropsies, after that, two season-ending injuries..

Finneran is a great example of a player who flashes starter skills but couldn't make the leap due to consistency and injury.

Looking forward to seeing RDE Lawrence Sidbury for Atlanta. Guy kept a database on football at Richmond.

Sidbury = Nerd w/first-day physical talent. Gotta like.

Thomas Brown's style can be summed up as "scrappy." Dominic Rhodes is scrappy.

If defense continues to look this bad, Mike Turner might be in for a decrease in production year just because ATL might have to throw more..

Falcons defense has not looked great for the entire preseason. The LBs seem out of position a lot.

Peria Jerry shows excellent quickness and hand fighting to swim pass the RG (bad job dropping head) to get sack. Jerry is a future DT.

LB Curtis Lofton is a fantasy sleeper for many, but he needs to get better in pass coverage to stay in during 3rd down situations.

Jason Snelling is a nice 'tweener RB. He anticipates well at the line of scrimmage, but he's pure power.

If Turner gets hurt, people thinking of Jerious Norwood and Thomas Brown, but look out for Snelling at the goal line as an option.

Sam Baker pushed into backfield on second down and forced Ryan to drop his eyes. Suggs cleans up for the sack, Ryan took too much time there

Nice roll left and deep comeback to White at the sideline in tight coverage on the first drive

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