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Preseason is over. That is the bottom line, and the roster will be cut like it or not to 53 players opening day, which is soon.

What's the point of this thread as I am sure you might ask, the whole point is : "Preseason IS ONLY AN EVALUATION FOR A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE NFL!!!!!!!".

YEAH, it can give you a slight bit of insight as to how a teams depth might be, but not really. The reason why is the coaches aren't stupid enough to break out the playbook in preseason and give all the plays away during their evaluation of the players trying to make the roster.

I'll admit, preseason wasn't fun for me, the defense didn't live up to expectations. But I over expected, they are learning and have the speed, and they have the skills. Only time will tell. Those 3rd down coverage plays might be a setup for good things to come, who knows. Like I said Only time will tell.

I will say this : "This is the year that Thomas D. will show his true intentions as to how he wants to build a football team". Yeah, last year was great to some, but honestly it stunk to me! To not win it all is a loss, that's the reality and anyone who says they didn't want to win it all and is a FALCONS fan is a liar!!!!!!!..... JMO.......... FLAME ON!!!!!

Peria Jerry should be a starter. If he was just brought here to sign a big contract and sit on the sidelines until someone gets hurts or sucks then that was a stupid decision IMO....... He should start period. IMO - THE MAN HAS A MOTOR THAT WILL NOT STOP regardless of what he has shown in preseason.

Chris Redman is the #2 QB - LIKE IT OR NOT! He's the best we got. As far as the #3 QB goes we'll just have to trust in the coaches to make a good decision, I mean it's not like we watch these players everyday ya know.

Our CB's getting burnt on 3rd down subject : "As much as I hate to admit it, I was concerned in earlier threads, but the fact is like I said they were being evaluated at the CB and Safety positions. And the FALCONS coaches threw out PLAYER EVALUATION PLAY CALLS" : "Meaning basic calls as LET'S SEE HOW YA HANDLE THIS BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY ARE GOING AFTER YOU".

Wishful thinking, NOPE. Just the realization that PRESEASON is over, and I trust this coaching staff in this second season with them until they give me a reason to think otherwise. I think we will kick some UKWhat this year and win the division FOR STARTERS and maybe MORE!!!!



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