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LeGarrette Blount


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He nailed the guy...

From the looks of it the guy he hit had it coming to him, but you don't do that. I thought this is something that everyone who has played highschool... heck middle school sports should have figured out. If you go around fighting everyone that is a jerk or heckles you, you are going to be fighting an endless line of people.

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Boise ST teammates didnt even go after Blount

Yeah thats what I was thinking. What a bunch of tossers to just sit there and not do anything. There should have been an all out palace style brawl. This sucker punching homo deserves to sit out every game but the last (give him one last taste of what he will never see again).

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Hey, that's what happen when you start poppin off at the mouth and touch another man AFTER you won. You get served. He was dumb for doing it. But I don't feel sorry for the Boise player at all. Bet he won't run his mouth anymore

both deserve what they get

the Boise St player deserved it because its just as important to win well as lose well

Blount deserves to get kicked off the team because he is an embarrassment to the Ducks which is pretty hard to be after the way they played

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I applaud that punch. It's refreshing to see a football/basketball/baseball player actually drop a dude in a fight.

Not to hard to drop a dude when he's not looking.

Apparently the Boise State guy said "How about that *** whooping," which was in response to Blount making published statements before the game about giving Boise an *** whooping. Not a great move on the Boise State dude's part, but ****, if Blount is going to talk mad **** before a game he should be able to handle it after.

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