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TD said getting hands on ball = most important for D backs

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TD said, absolutely, no doubt about it, the single most important factor for defensive backs is how often they get their HANDS ON THE BALL. He said that if you're not touching the football, you're not going to be productive and you're going to have a short NFL career.

That certainly speaks well for Grimes, even if he looks like he should catch more of them. And it certainly looks bad for Houston. Even last year, he almost NEVER got his hands on the football.

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Does any site track a "number of touches" stat for defensive backs? I'd like to keep an eye on that, and I'd like to see how Houston and Grimes last year compared to other corners in the league. And against Tye Hill too.

Is the "pass defensed" stat the same thing as a "touch"? Or do they get credit for a "pass defensed" if the coverage is good and the pass is incomplete without touching the ball?

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