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I figured out why!


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They were drafted by Bobby Petrino. this is baaaad we need to get rid of them..

Houston is gonna get exposed this year badly, last year he was fortunate enough to have Milloy cover up his mistakes. if you notice, every time he gets beat he looks to the saftey and asks where he was or has this stupid what happened look on his face..

i hate to bring up the past, and ill probably get ripped for this but......

we shouldve gave up that first round pick and got NNAMDI Asomougha oh well. maybe we can get Taylor Mays to help with the DB's next year...

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seriously though i watched every game last year, there were a lot of catches that were on houston, but because of the new rule where a db can force a wr out of bounds while he is still in the air, the catches didnt count. i think that wr/coaches worked on getting the ball down and feet inbounds, and hes gonna get killed..

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