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Eduardo Clements has made his decision


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Eduardo Clements has made decision, won't announce yet

Four-star running back Eduardo Clements (Miami/Booker T. Washington) has decided where he'll play college football but isn't ready to make a public announcement, ESPN affiliate Web site InsideTheU.com reports.

His current top four includes, Miami-FL, Georgia, Tennessee and South Florida.

"I have already made my decision with me and my family as far as where I am going to be going, but nobody will know until signing day," Clements said. "I have made my decision and I will keep that with my family. I don't want the hassle of recruiting going into the season. I have let the school know that I will be coming."

Clements discussed the coaching staff of his selection, "They are very down to Earth and they are all about the kids. There are some coaches that are just about winning, but these coaches are about school first and the way they talk to me, it is different. There were guys who play the position I play and they took me away and talked to me about what it is like. I know I will need that type of support my freshman year."

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He is going to Miami IMO. He has been there almost every week this summer. He has been on that campus a ton this summer. His family wants him to stay close to them down in Miami. You want to know how you can tell, check to see what miami does at rb. Do they pursue another RB they had before? If they don't that says they are happy with who they have already. The funny thing is most cane fans and fsu fans don't want eduardo, but have other guys like Gio higher on their board.

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