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NEW Starting CB's


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I don't think our staff will rely on new players that quickly. Two rookies in the secondary is too quick in 5 games.

Players that can't play their position is worse. Didn't we do the same thing last year with an all in move at a young QB out of BC. I agree with your logic but afters Ryan' s success I think the leash especially on veterans became a lot shorter.

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Not when they are better than the starters.

HD was a better PR than Jennigns but look how long that took to change. Foxworth was a better corner than Grimes, but it took an injury to speed that up(although I think that was the staff's excuse). Davis is a better DE than Anderson, but he didn't start last season.

They won't just throw the guys out there because they're supposebly better, they'll work them in throughout the season.

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Played and started are two different things. This is about starting. And last year only 2 rookies started on the team.

lets see. Matt Ryan, Curtis Lofton, Sam Baker. if that's two to u then u need to go back to 2nd grade. and nickel back and slot WR is pretty much a starter so that's 5.

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CB;s Houston/Grimes SS Coleman FS Decoud

5 games

CB's Hill/Owens SS Moore FS Coleman

The Swami has called it :P

Almost an entire new starting secondary (except for Coleman)?

For that to happen, we would have to lose the majority of the first 5 games. Which will not be the case.

Personally, I think Grimes will hold his side down pretty well and at this point, is noticeably better in coverage than Owens.

I have no idea what is going on with Houston, if I see another game like that Charger game, I say plug Hill in ASAP.

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