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Does anyone here absolutly hate


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My wife is an inconsiderate unloyal dumb *****. A couple of weeks ago and this may be a long read. She started chatting with this guy on her phone. I didn't know **** well turns out that this guy was handicapped can't walk but was buying my wife cell phones and sending her money. To boot my mother in law knew all along even after she disappeared for a day to see this guy leaving me with all the kids and no car. I've been trying to work it out but if this ***** doesn't have someone to talk to on the phone pills or some coke she don't want **** to do with me. I've talked to the guy but he says nothing sexual went on but I'm having a hard time buying it since me and my wife haven't had sex in months cause she's "sick" all the time. I've had several chances to bang other girls but I've been faithful. However that **** is hanging in the balance. What would you do?

I went through that.

On her next"Business Trip" I moved out.

She came home a day early and caught me carrying out my last load.

She was like all crying and siht.

I asked her why she cut her vacation short.

She maintained that it was a business trip.

I told he that her employer had twice verified it was personal vacation

and got in my truck and left.

Cheating is one thing but the lying is the Divorce.

Do not forgive this or forget it, because if you caught her this time,

then there was a bunch of times that you did not.

Just keep your mouth shut and move.

Move while she is at work or out of town.

But move.

You can not be weak about this either. Once a cheater Always a cheater.

Yeah it hurts like heII.

But you have to Grow a Pair, STFU, MANN UP and move out.




When you are moved out get a fifth of Tequilla, Drink it and have a good cry.

The next day you will be fine.

PS, Keep your mouth shut and do not speak to her again or she will forever

view you as a cowering dog.

You Asked, I Answered.

Some call this Tough Love. I call it Mental Survival.

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