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I Was Reading This Thread about Corners Who are tall but can fluidly move there hips Are Like Physical Freaks

and They Said Something About Not Many being In the NFL...

I Was Thinking about Some 6 Foot Corners And All..

I Thought Rashean Mathis...

A Jaguar...A Mike Smith Jaguar!!


I Was Like How sick would it'd be if we got him?

That is all....

Flame Away..... ;)

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Your space between sentences creates such suspense in your posts. The "hahahas" add comic relief. And the idea of getting great, young corners from teams makes so much sense (after all, why would their current teams want them?). Keep up the good work.

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CB's are a rare breed of Animal.

Not only do these guys have to be very fast,

How Fast you ask?

Most DivII team will not consider a guy for CB if he post slower than mid 4.4's

The really good Div II teams clock the players back pedal and that has to be very fast too.

(this is fact)

All Teams look at the vertical leap.

My point is this.

When a player reaches 6' in height one of the above 3 drops off.

The rest is called intangibles.

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