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Tye Hill trade is a good deal


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As far as I'm see Tye Hill was a First round pick that never lived up to his potential due to injuries and being on a really bad team to boot.

Giving up a 7th round pick is basically nothing. I'm guessing that 50% of all 7th rounders are not even in the league by the next year. ( anyone have any stats on that?)

So when I look at this trade I figure. Will we be able to get a better player then Hill with the 7th pick in the draft next year? And I say NO

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hill be mad garbadge

yall be thinkin dis clown be duh savior to a ruff defence

duh worst team in duh leage just droppet dude for a 7

come on man

Your spelling is worse then mine.

Your reading's even worse. I said Hill was a good pick up for what we gave up. I never said he was the savior. I also never said that he would even start. What I do know is that we have a player that has potential that never came about due to injuries.

We just upgraded our position. If he starts or not.

Besides. Just becasue he was on a bad team doesn't mean he was bad. He made be a bad fit there and a great fit here. You never know till you try.

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I think its a positive move for the Falcons, the guy has/is first round talent, sometimes it just takes a change of scenery and scheme. I doubt TD would go after someone and give up one of his cherished picks for someone who he didn't think could make an impact on the team. After all the crying from the message board fans on Saturday its so funny how quickly they go to criticize a trade because the front office decided taking on a player they didn't think of. I am happy to know we don't just go with what we have and hope for the best, TD went and got the secondary some help, now lets give the guy a chance before we decide we don't want him cause his name isn't Mcallister or Law!

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