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6:07:54 pm Falcons QB Matt Ryan on his comfort level with the offense as the regular season nears: "We still have some improvements to make, no question about it. But I think we're getting close and I think we'll be ready when Miami (Week 1) rolls around."

6:06:38 pm Falcons coach Mike Smith said he wants to get his starters in and out as soon as possible in Thursday's game against Baltimore.

6:05:52 pm Newly acquired Falcons CB Tye Hill is expected to arrive in Atlanta tonight, but will not play Thursday against Baltimore.

5:49:50 pm Falcons coach Mike Smith on the acquisition of CB Tye Hill: "Anytime we can upgrade our roster, that's something we want to do. And we are constantly trying to do that."

5:49:16 pm Falcons coach Mike Smith said the quarterback rotation is set against Baltimore and that it will be different from the previous three games. He did not elaborate.

5:48:19 pm A lot of backups and younger players saw more snaps at practice today. Those that stood out were QB John Parker Wilson, CB Tony Tiller, CB Glenn Sharpe and WR Eric Weems.

5:06:50 pm The Falcons gave up a 2010 seventh-round draft pick for CB Tye Hill.

3:11:03 pm The Falcons released CB/S Von Hutchins, TE Ben Hartsock and DE Willie Evans today.

12:35:12 pm In a trade with St. Louis, the Falcons acquired CB Tye Hill for an undisclosed draft pick in 2010. Hill was the 15th overall draft pick by the Rams in 2006.

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