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If you were TD would you do this...


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I know in TD we trust and all that other stuff but if I was TD I would sign Chris Mcalister right now.

1. We have vetran leadership at the dline with abaraham, LBs with peterson but what about secondary? He could step up as a veteran and help our young secondary develop.

2. The way our seconday played last game ( I know blah blah blah preaseason blah blah blah one game) but lets be real. I bet half of us on this board could of played better d then that B)

3. Im pretty sure we have the cap room so why not? What could go wrong?

4. Im aware that we don't have much room on the roster sooo cut another corner for him mabye grimes perhaps?

What do you guys think I know im not a GM and I know TD knows what hes doing im just curious what you guys think, thanks.

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