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Todd Bridges' 53 Man Depth Chart/Roster


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QB- 1. Ryan 2. Redman

RB- 3. Turner 4. Norwood 5. Snelling 53. Haynes

FB- 6.Mughelli

WR- 7. White 8. Jenkins 9. Finneran 10. Ferguson 11. Weems

TE- 12. Gonzalez 13. Peelle 14. Hartsock

OT- 15. Baker 16. Clabo 17. Svitek 18. Reynolds

OG- 19.Dahl 20. Blalock 51. Wilkerson

C- 21. McClure 22. Romberg

DE- 23. Abraham 24. Davis 25. Biermann 26. Sidbury 52. Anderson

DT- 27. Babineaux 28. Lewis 29. Johnson 30. Jerry 31. Walker

MLB- 32. Lofton 33. Gilbert

SLB- 34. Nicholas 35. Wire

WLB- 35. Peterson 36. Winborn 37. Adkins

CB- 38. Grimes 39. Houston 40. Jackson 41. Owens 42. Middleton

FS- 43. DeCoud 44. Harris

SS- 45. Coleman 46. Moore 47. Fudge

K- 48. Elam

P- 49. Koenen.

LS: 50. Schneck

PS: Wilson, Valdez, James, Brown, Bergeron, Zinger, Sharpe, Brock

OK so as you can see, there are three players out of order....those are my final additions to the roster that I made after realizing I had more room to fill out.

*Because of Norwood's injuries, I added Haynes over Booker. While I like Booker, I don't think he's necessary to the team as we already have Finneran who brings something similar. I honestly don't think we need more than 5 WRs with Gonzalez being able to split out wide. I also took Special Teams into consideration, because I think the coaches would prefer Ferguson over Booker due to that as well. Don't underestimate that aspect of the game. Ferguson has put up two 30+ catch seasons before which is plenty for a fourth WR.

*I squeezed every draft pick onto the team because they would all be picked up if TD tried to sneak them on the PS.

*I'd prefer JPW for the practice squad but am also fine with DJ. Same goes for Bergeron and Chandler Williams.

Did I forget anybody? Comments?

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I think that if the coaching staff sees potential in JP Wilson he will kake the 53 man roster to protect him and Haynes will be cut. They can then list JPW as the 48th player(emergency #3 QB) on game days and not have him count against the active 47players allowed.

depending on how well Hutchins foot is recovering, and so far it doesn't look good, he could make the final cut and push Adkins to the practice squad. Although I would prefer to keep Adkins on the roster. I don't know if he makes the active list each week but he needs to be on the 53 list.

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As everyone else has said Booker has to make it no doubt about it.

I would drop weems and keep booker while at the RB spot i would add Brown as a RB drop haynes Move Snelling down to 2nd FB behind Ovie.

that we we are 3 RB 2 FB deep while still having snelling to be a RB when need be.

I think Grimes or Brown could do a solid job as a PR still. Weems doesn't really offer anything more than they do while not being even clsoe to Booker at WR.

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