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Cornerback prostpects for 2010

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Antoine Winfield - 5' 9"

Asante Samuel - 5' 10"

Ronde Barber - 5' 10"

Cortland Finnegan - 5' 10"

Darrelle Revis - 5' 11"

Looks like 5 of the 8 pro bowl corners (and 2 of the 4 all-pros) have really been hurt by the fact that they aren't 6' tall...

Antoine Winfield is the only one on that list who i have an argument for

1) He isnt a great cover CB, but he is the best tackling CB that i have ever seen!

2) The fact that he has the Williams Wall and Allen infront of him definitley helps his cover skills

For the rest of that list there is a big difference in 5'10 and 5'8 Grimes. I know the list says he is 5'10 but if you have ever even looked at him than you know that he is nowhere near 5'10. Now if he tackled like Winfield then thats different, but he isn't a very sound tackler either.

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Height clearly doesn't matter, as long as the corner is from Georgia.

Not sure if we go corner first. It's too early to write off our corners, and the best guy in our secondary last year has been moved to SS. Pass rush should also improve. In theory.

I still want an OLB. I'd take an OLB before a corner every day of the week.

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Here is a link on NFL. com to the 2010 cornerback prospects. Pls note only a few of these cornerbacks are above 6 ft. tall.

You can't base your assessment of the draft class purely on height especially when the average corner in the NFL is around 5'11".

Just because a guy is under 6' doesn't mean he can't be a really good CB.

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