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Post your Top Ten Quarterbacks

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What's racism have to do with a cop getting fired? Cops have their own standards they have to answer to. And from all I heard, neither was fired but lost their permission to have such off duty jobs as drive Ben around.

And regardless, Mike Vick pled guilty, Ben was never convicted of anything, so what we believe about him doesn't matter, really.And none of it has anything to do with rating them as QB's.

Not only that Ben wasn't even

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1. Brady

2. Ryan

3. P. Manning

4. Rivers

5. Rogers

6. Brees

7. Big Ben

8. McNabb

9. Schaub

10. Flacco

Why rank them like that? Brady is pretty much a consensus #1. Why? Because it doesn't matter who you surround him with, he wins and is as clutch as it gets. You couldn't rattle him if you stood him over a fault line during an earthquake. Why is Ryan so high on my list? He's the next great QB in this league. He's clutch, makes all the throws and has as much poise as anyone. Manning is 3 for me because while he puts up great numbers, he's not as clutch as Brady or Ryan. He can get you there but he's only finished the drill once. I've seen him lead a few comebacks, but he also has thrown the critical pick at critical times. I am so high on Rivers because he gets it done with a decent supporting cast and no defense practically. They're good on d or they suck, and that can vary game to game. He probably has the fastest release I've seen in a long time. If they ever find a run game and get some consistency from their D watch out. Rogers is next, and kind of low to where I've seen him in some places. He's a good qb but he does get hurt sometimes. That said, he has to rely on himself because their backfield is a revolving door and sees fairly little production. He's the reason they win games. Why is Brees so low? Take away any of his talent around him on offense and he's mediocre. Put him on another team and he's pedestrian. Good? Yes, but a lot has to do with his supporting cast. Big Ben is next because he's real good, but for me lacks the ability to beat you on his own throwing the ball. Still he gets it done, but his d bails him out at times. McNabb, while this season in Washington hasn't been great, can still get it done in this league given the right opportunity. I like Schaub because he's a gun slinger but he can make any throw. The only reason they're not better is because their coaching is awful. Flacco barely makes the list, but does because he's a good qb that'll get better. He's got the prototypical

Qb frame and can throw it anywhere. They're finally getting him some support on o. They are one or two pieces short of being a complete o. He'll stick around a while.

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1. Tom Brady.

2. Peyton Manning.

3. Philip Rivers.

4. Drew Brees.

5. Aaron Rodgers.

6. Michael Vick.

7. Matt Ryan.

8. Matt Cassel.

9. Eli Manning.

10. Jay Cutler.

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