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1. The Falcons first string OLine is a juggernaut.

2. Lofton, Sidbury, Lewis, Nicholas, Peterson, Johnson, Reynolds and Svitek impressed.

3. Grimes and Anderson showed improvement, but will need to finish their plays to silence critics.

4. The front 7 stuffed the run.

5. The Finneran drop spelled the beginning of the end for Shockley.

6. Ferguson is a keeper.

7. Coleman is a beast.

8. Biggest question mark continues to be cornerback.

9. Norwood exhibited power and for the first time appeared formidable between the tackles. The added weight has made him a more balanced runner.

10. The first turnover was a trapped ball ... it should have been reviewed.

11. Snelling is "Turner-lite".

12. TL has the potential to be the best true NT this team ever had.

13. Like Norwood, Biermann has benefited from added weight and held the point much better than last year.

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All good calls Magnus....

It was great to hear Baldinger talk about how our o-line is getting recognized throughout the NFL as being one of the nastiest in the league.

Paul Boudreau is a god...... :D

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