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I know this is talk about the falcons area but i am hoping i can post this on here since draft is in 2 days and i want to fill up the league with good players...

Last season i joined a random league on NFL.com and half of the people stopped adjusting their rosters after they lost first 2 games.

I ended up winning but didnt even care since by mid season half of the people were inactive. I am looking to change that this season by playing with competitive players who dont give up until the end. I will even send $20 to the winner (i know its not much but i am not rich lol)


League Name AF Forum League

League Type Private

Draft Date August 13, 2009, 5:30 PM ET

Draft Style Live Draft (if you are not able to attend the live draft i am fine with that as long as you set your piks)


-I know most people here are Falcons fans but please dont be the idiot that trys to have all Falcons players on the team.

-Be competitive and don't get mad if someone talks trash...

-Dont quit if you lose the first 2 games instead try to improve your team by trades and picking up free agents

-Name your team as your Falcons msg board SN so that we know who we are playing each week

PM me if you agree to the above rules and ill send you the pw

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