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lee, is that an authentic old helmet in your sig? It looks awesome. Wish the Falcons had red helmets again - either with the old or new logo. I think the black jerseys look cool with the red helmets and gray pants - kind of like the UGA look on the black outs..

No, its not an old helmet. It's the throwback helmets the Falcons are going to use this year. I believe I heard they will wear the throwbacks in 2 games. The picture was taken by the Falcons equipment manager on twitter.

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Sam Baker:

"Legs are back, everything feels really good right now."

"(Tony) has done great blocking. He's not afraid to get dirty."

"(Tony in the locker room) he's been great. He's one of those vets you can really lean on."

"I wanted to work on my techniques and come back 100% healthy. Getting the core program going was great."

"You want to keep him (Matt) clean. He fights for us, so you want to help protect him."

"Abraham has taught us a lot because he has counter moves."

"The biggest thing is protect the inside number. Refine your techniques and put your weight inside."

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Peria Jerry:

"The pace is a whole lot faster, but you get used to it."

"I had a good base on the layout of the defense because we ran a very similar scheme in college."

"Ray H told me when I got drafted I couldn't get drafted by a better coach."

-They mentioned that Ray H said the first step quickness is there already.

"You can't let guys get their hands on and hold you."

"Never did martial arts, but we do a lot of hand drills."

"Run blocking is difficult, but it wasn't so bad for me. Coaches taught me to hold the blocks and when to get off."

"No 2-gap penetrating. We gotta own our piece of land."

"I listen and watch the older guys like Babs...like how he gets through different formations and stuff."

"Dahl has longer arms than most and he hits you fast. Dahl is a guy I talk to a lot to learn from him."

"Dahl has such long arms, you can't just use a basic move, you have to get into an armpit."

"I do it all"

"He's (Turner) a load."

-Still talks to his college boys.

"Not homesick at all. I feel like I am at home."

"I really haven't bought anything yet. (laughter)"

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Some caller just asked if Brooks with the Saints could be the Gonzales or Winslow cover man, and they all said "no." They invited him in because Simoneau went down. He can bring experience, but he's physically too far past his prime to be covering TEs like that.

They are saying that basically the Saints are too thin at LB and need far more help.

Now they are saying the Falcons could use Ryan (I missed the last name) at LB, as could the Saints.

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A little wrap-up on the defense:

-They are saying the defense will be better in 2009 than 2008.

-They're younger and faster.

-There will be lapses, but they will improve against the run.

-Mike Smith does a great job protecting Abe with formations and rotations.

-They are talking about running right at Abe if he is in on 3rd down passing situations.

-Be careful about judging the defense in the first month. They'll be far better and you have to judge in Nov, Dec, and Jan because they'll keep getting better.

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Rick in Iowa called in about Babs:

-Babs would be great as a third DT

-Jerry is ideally the guy they want in there.

-He is a good player, solid, and the deal they gave him was good.

Brad in Montana on Biermann:

-TD loved him and mentioned him by name.

-He's bigger, and "got the pipes"

-If he listens to Abe and works with Sidbury, he'll be a great one.


-They'll have to out score a lot of opponents early.

-Might struggle a little against the pass.

-No Soph Slump for Matt Ryan. Not with his work ethic or attitude.

-Big question: how will they react after getting beaten badly in a game?

And we're out!

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Like I said before...that was the "Do what you do" offense under Knapp. No real direction at all. It's a wonder we scored any points.

I know it was crazy. I know you know who is probably the most unpopular guy in this city now, but considering the coaching that he had, it is amazing that we went to the NFC championship game. It also makes you wonder why other teams aren't picking him up. Especially when you have teams that have some terrible QBs out there. Sometimes I feel like we were all cheated as sports fans that that guy didn't have his act together and didn't have a good coaching staff around him.

Oh well enough of that crap. If that stuff didn't happen, we wouldn't have the perfect storm of TD, Smitty, Ryan, and Turner in one offseason.

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