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Today, Tues. - 3 PM Sirius NFL Radio

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Sweet. I'll be tuning in.

I know they were at Carolina's camp yesterday but didn't know if they were planning on hitting the Falcons camp. Thanks for the heads up.

lee, is that an authentic old helmet in your sig? It looks awesome. Wish the Falcons had red helmets again - either with the old or new logo. I think the black jerseys look cool with the red helmets and gray pants - kind of like the UGA look on the black outs..

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Had HUGE praises for coach Paul Petrino and his tough but fun style plus Joe Horn was a great mentor to him and Jenkins.

I'm not sure I bought the Paul Petrino praise. He got led into bringing up Paul and I'm sure Roddy thought it would be impolitic to blast Petrino on the air. The tell to me was the "college offense" reference. I was waiting for him to bring up Joe Horn, and was glad he did because Horn gets villified around here for his play but people forget that he had a tremendous affect on our receivers in a really, really awful year. I was hoping he'd bring up Hue Jackson though.

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