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Falcons vs. Bulldogs, Lions vs. Gators

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So I often run into the ignorant college fans who think certain college teams could beat certain NFL teams. I have had people tell me that the Bullodogs could beat the Falcons. Also people say that the best college team could beat the worst NFL team. Well who worse than the 08 Detroit Lions? So I created the Falcons and the Lions using the NCAA 10 teambuilder. I thought I did a pretty fair job with the ratings. And to be exact, i made the 09 falcons and the 08 (0-16) Detroit Lions. Here were the outcomes:

Lions vs. Gators:

Lions: 41

Gators: 13

Falcons vs. Bulldogs

Falcons: 48

Bulldogs: 17

I thought the Lions game looked about right, but I personally feel like if the Falcons played the dawgs in real life, it would be more like 63 to 0 considering they lost Stafford and Moreno and Massaquoi. The main reason they were able to put up so many points is that we had a problem covering AJ Green and stopping the run.

Tell me what you think guys.

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what about crabtree as a true freshman? i think he might have done a little damage...

He redshirted as a true freshman--was learning how to play WR then, he was a QB in high school. He's the most dominant college player I've ever seen, and although it may seem as if I'm biased, I can assure that, if his head is right, he will be an all-time great. A lot of WR's have come through TTU and put up crazy numbers, but it's HOW he put up those numbers that are amazing. He's only been playing WR for two years. All time great--again, if his head is right.

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