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Should matty ice step up to TD and tell him to sign roddy ASAP?

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This will never happen, Matt Ryan will never go to the front office and ask or even worse demand that a contract deal be struck for a player. He's too smart a QB to do something stupid like that. Besides he's not his agent for one thing. He's the QB on the field, off the field that's why they have coaches and GM's, it's not "The Atlanta Ryan's", it's "The Atlanta Blanks, uh sorry typo error, I mean The Atlanta FALCONS". :lol:

I can't blame Roddy for wanting a better deal : "But, I don't think he's helping himself out by not showing up for camp, there comes a point that after he has missed so much time then he needs to sit for a few games if he signs "It wouldn't be fair not to do so to the players who have been there working and I might add making a lot less money to not give them an opportunity to produce for the team in Roddy's place", pre-season of course. :D . JMO....

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I think everyone should just do their job. Let TD play GM, let Ryan be the QB, and let Roddy be the WR.

Agree. Play with who you have and let the people that get paid to make these decisions make these decisions. Unfortunately it is a business after all. Would you go into your bosses office and tell them what to do?

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You never, ever, ever, ever, ever want players to start making personnel decisions.

i dont mean matt actually going to TD's office and making the decision. Many veteran QB's have lobbied for the front office to bring guys in or keep guys that is basically the primary target or could very well drastically help the team out. Kurt warner told the front office he would take less money to keep anquan boldin, thats the type of thing im talking about. No im not saying matt should restructure his contract, but you know it couldnt hurt to sway the front office to put the petal to the metal on roddys contract. Heck, we tryin to win the superbowl this year.

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